Membership in MASP is open to any school or district employee serving in a clerical support capacity to an administrator. Members are entitled to vote, serve on the Advisory Committee and participate in discussion at Association meetings. MASP Membership dues are only $40 per year.

Member Benefits

Educational Secretaries’ Conference – A two-day conference at the end of July. This conference is planned by educational secretaries. Members will receive a discount on registration and a member gift.

Secretarial Viewpoints – Our newsletter is published four times a year for the membership. It is written by secretaries and includes timely information and aids in the networking process.

Resource Office and Staff – The MASP office will assist members with advice, suggestions, ideas, and resource material.

Question to a Member – MASP members can ask fellow MASP members questions via email.

Opportunity for participation in Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance Programs at a discounted rate through Horace Mann Insurance Company.

Opportunity for members to serve on the Advisory Committee – The committee membership is represented by three (3) secondary metro area members, three (3) secondary out-state members and one (1) elementary - ex-officio member.

Opportunity for secondary members to nominate their principal for the MASP Administrator of the Year Award.

Service Awards – 15, 20, 25, 30 years of service to education and retiring.

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