Presenter Proposal Form

Call for Presentation Proposals

We’re listening! MASSP’s members have asked for opportunities to learn from other members. Now is your chance to share your successes.

Today's principals increasingly find themselves with multi-level responsibilities that may include the superintendency, curriculum director, testing coordinator, activities director, transportation coordinator and other roles and duties as assigned. As peers in the principalship, MASSP members are often one another’s best source of information and support.

Minnesota’s secondary education system is highly respected. This is accomplished through strong leadership provided by principals who possess broad-based skills and who embrace change and innovation.  MASSP’s members have wide experiences and extensive knowledge bases of ideas and innovative programs that highlight the successful things that they are doing in their schools, with students, families and communities.

MASSP holds professional development events (such as workshops, full and half-day seminars and extended conferences) on a variety of topics, including but not limited to: leadership; best practices; technology; Common Core Standards; Principal and Teacher Evaluation processes; student achievement; student discipline; technology and current trends. This year’s events will focus on innovations taking place within schools that lead to sustained improvements in leadership, services, professionalism and academic achievement.

MASSP invites you to share your best practices, successes, innovative programs and proven techniques with MASSP members throughout the year by presenting at a professional development event. Submission can be done by individuals or teams of individuals.

Proposals for the 2024 MASSP Winter Conference are due on December 1, 2023. Please send your forms to

Preparing Successful Proposals

When submitting a presentation and completing the Professional Development Proposal Form, here are things to consider:

  • Does the presentation inform educators about proven practices, push the leading edge of the profession, and motivate the pursuit of excellence?
  • Does the proposal adequately explain what will occur in the session? How engaging is the presentation likely to be?
  • Does the presentation celebrate successes and challenge our thinking?
  • How well does this proposal deliver positive, solution-oriented outcomes supported by research and/or program evaluation?
  • Is there practical application of information/topic?
  • Does the program demonstrate a positive impact on education and advocate for children?
  • How easily can this program be replicated at other schools?
  • Lessons learned; i.e., What have you learned and would you do differently if you had the chance?
  • How is the program or technique improving our schools, student success and staff collaboration?

How to Submit a Proposal

2024 Winter Conference Proposals must be submitted to by December 1, 2023.

You may find it helpful to download the Professional Development Proposal Template. Click here to download a "Conference Presentation Proposal" form and use it to draft your proposal. Save the form on your computer, and email it to the address given above.

You will be contacted if your proposal is selected for presentation.