MASSP Mission

Welcome to the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP). MASSP is a professional educational association of over 1,300 active and retired middle level and high school administrators. MASSP supports, advocates for, and provides professional development to our members. We are committed to improving instruction and achievement for all students.


Values guide our choices and actions, assess the rightness of our path and journey, and shape how we act with our members, the public, and one another.

  • Vision – Anticipating the future
  • Courage – Leading and inspiring quality education
  • Integrity – Affirming human dignity
  • Advocacy – Supporting our members

 Strategic Directions and Goals

  • Establish MASSP as a leader in creating solutions to educational issues and a major lobbying force.
  • Deliver high quality professional development with cutting-edge programs in seminars and conferences.
  • Develop alliances with educational associations, and local and state entities, to advance the goals of principals and the image of MASSP.
  • Support active member participation and implement initiatives to connect and engage members.
  • Track emerging trends in innovative school programs and practices, connecting members to research and practices.

Strategic Plan (Vision 2016)

Vision 2016 is our compelling picture of the future and what MASSP intends to provide:


...has increased influence in the political and legislative arenas and is a respected and preferred partner with other professional education associations or agencies. the expert on quality leadership and secondary education in Minnesota.

...provides the highest quality, forward-looking professional growth opportunities for secondary school leaders.

...has a positive, respectful, inclusive relationship with all members.