Renewal Units

To renew a five-year administrative license, you must submit to the designated district administrator completion certificates totaling 125 clock hours of administrative and supervisory continuing education that have been pre-approved by the Minnesota Board of School Administrators. These hours must have been earned during the five-year period immediately preceding the renewal of the license. "Clock hours" means hours of actual instruction or supervised group activities in a pre-approved Minnesota administrative and supervisory continuing education program. Renewal requirements must be met during the five-year period of each continuing license and no clock hours will carry forward into any subsequent five-year licensure period.

MASSP offers opportunities for secondary school administrators to fulfill the 125 clock hours requirement without needing to look outside of their professional organization. As an example, if an MASSP member were to attend our Summer Conference and Winter Conference, that would provide 25 Continuing Education Units. Doing so, over a five-year period, meets the 125 CEU requirement for renewal. Design your personal “roadmap” for meeting your license renewal requirement.
There are many possibilities for you to design the professional development experience that best fits your needs and, just as importantly, fits into your busy schedule.

Download a copy of our CEU Guide.

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