Principal PLCs

Principal Professional Learning Communities

A plan for enhancing member connectivity and learning

The following protocol has been developed to assist principals in earning continuing education credits (CEU) as part of the re-licensure requirement created by the Minnesota Department of Education. This research-based initiative supports the MASSP vision of enhancing connectivity between members and expanding the intellectual capital of the organization.

Principals may earn six CEUs each year by being an active member of a Principal PLC, provided that the following guidelines are followed.

1. A formal application for a Principal PLC can be made by completing the information on the Principal PLC template and submitting it to the Executive Director of MASSP before October 20. Principals are encouraged to create natural PLC groups based on MSHSL conference assignments, geographical location, duty profile (head principal, middle school principal, assistant principal etc.), or education delivery model (high school, middle school, alternative programs etc.). In general, a PLC should contain at least four members and meet at least four scheduled times a year for at a minimum of 90 minutes each meeting.

2. An agenda must be established for the year along with learning goals. Topics may be general in focus and may include research (Marshall memo or book study), legislative initiatives (bullying, teacher evaluation, college and career requirements etc.), innovative programs (assessments, closing the gap etc.) and general program analysis and reflection (school tours, guest presenters). A general list of proposed topics must be included in the PLC application, but specific meetings agendas can be developed over the school year based on member needs and emerging issues.

3. For accountability reasons a designated member of each PLC must take accurate attendance at each meeting and submit those attendance records, along with a record of meeting notes to the Executive Director of MASSP by May 29. PLCs are encouraged to schedule at least 10 hours of meeting time each year in anticipation of absences so that all members meet the six hour minimum requirement.

Based on BOSA guidelines the Executive Director will issue CEU certificates to PLC members who have met all guidelines for certification by June 30.

Contact Renee LeForte for the PLC application at or call 612-361-1510.

You will need to send a copy of final agenda items, attendance log, and CEU application after your last meeting to the Dave Adney by May 29. MASSP will then submit your application to BOSA for final approval.

Principal Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) offer a unique way for colleagues to engage on a regular basis and discuss research, legislation and innovation. Remember that you can create your own PLC as well by contacting Renee in the MASSP office. The process is quick and easy!

Capitol Division

Angela Nelson
White Bear Lake High School North Campus

Su Sorenson
Mahtomedi Middle School

Central Divison

Scot Kerbaugh
Annandale High School

Matt Lubben
Buffalo Community Middle School

Charlie Burroughs
Cambridge Middle School

Brian Baloun
Sartell High School

Alicia Fischer
Technical High School, St. Cloud

Barb Muckenhirn
Princeton High School

Karla Beck
St. Francis High School

Hennepin Division

Rick Bell
New Prague Middle School

Northeast Division

Scott Patrow
Bigfork School

Billie Jo Steen
Moose Lake High School

Northern Division

Ryan Johnson
Marshall County Central High School

Southeast Division

Chris Ovrebo
Medford High School

Southwest Division

Cory Strasser
Pipestone Area Schools

Brian Gauer
Renville County West High School

Kari Gjerde
SWWC, Marshall

Tim Schellhammer
Sibley East Senior High School

Western Division

Arick Follingstad
Verndale High School