Summer Conference Program

Welcome to the 2024 Summer Conference at Breezy Point Resort

We are pleased to present you with a program of outstanding professional topics and an opportunity for you to spend some quality time with friends and network with colleagues. Click here to download the 2024 Summer Conference Program.

Tuesday Concurrent Session Descriptions

Tuesday, June 25

10:30 - 11:20 am & 11:30 am - 12:20 pm

Amplifying Student Voice: Insights from the MASC/MAHS Executive Board

MASC/MAHS Students

Unlock the power of student leadership and advocacy! Join us for an enlightening workshop featuring members of the MASC/MAHS Executive Board as they discuss components of  elevating student voice within school communities.

In this interactive session, the panelists will offer invaluable insights drawn from their firsthand experiences. From innovative strategies for enhancing student participation to fostering collaboration both locally and nationally, they'll share their insight on how Principals can use their student leaders to navigate challenges, cultivate meaningful connections, and spearhead impactful initiatives to enact positive change. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to engage directly with our panelists and gain practical wisdom to empower student voices in your school community. Bring your questions and enthusiasm they discuss fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment together!

Building Bridges, Ensuring Safety: The Principal-SRO Connection

Jennie Kelly, Principal - St. Michael-Albertville Middle School East

Andy Merfeld, Principal - St. Michael-Albertville Middle School West

John Reeves, Principal - St. Michael-Albertville High School

In their presentation on collaborating to ensure school safety, the principal and school resource officer (SRO) highlight the importance of their partnership in creating a safe and secure learning environment. They discuss how they work together to develop and implement safety plans, conduct threat assessments, and provide training for staff and students. The principal emphasizes the role of school policies and procedures in promoting safety, while the SRO shares insights from law enforcement to address security concerns effectively. Together, they demonstrate how their collaboration enhances the overall safety and well-being of the school community.

Cell Phone Policy at the High School Level – Using “IROD” to Guide the Decision

Dave Kreft, Principal - Becker High School

Brian Baloun, Assistant Principal - Becker High School

Like many districts, staff members had provided feedback on the challenges of managing cell phones. Collectively as students, teachers, school personnel, and parents we launched into an analysis of our policy and practice. Guided by Dr. Dave Webb's "IROD" (Information, Reaction, Options, and Decision) process, Becker HS navigated through an alteration in our policy. Participants will become aware of some of the information utilized to guide decision making and be exposed to the IROD process.

Diploma Plus

Ehren Zimmerman, Principal - Perham High School

Darren Glynn, Work Based Learning Coordinator - Perham High School

The Perham High School - DIPLOMA PLUS certification program was developed to provide students with practical learning opportunities and to be certified in career fields of their interest. One of the goals of our Perham High School staff is to have our students graduate from PHS with a DIPLOMA, PLUS Work Experience, PLUS Internships, PLUS Professional Certifications. Our professional internships and certifications include: Marketing, Healthcare, Dental Hygiene, CNA, Early Childhood, OSHA 30, CDL, Welding, Mazak Machine, Marine, and Powersports. The added value and focus in the DIPLOMA PLUS program is designed to support students who are focused on working in Career and Technical Educational fields following graduation.

Leadership, Culture and More

Greg Berge, High School Principal - Lake City

Strong leadership and culture are the cornerstones of any team, school, or organization. Greg will share what he has learned over his career as a High School Principal (19 years) and Varsity Boys Basketball Coach (18 years) about these topics. He will also share his "side gig" journey as a writer/speaker where he writes actionable ideas about coaching, leadership, culture, and teams online. Greg has grown from ~500 to 38,000 followers in only two years on Twitter (X) and also writes a free weekly newsletter to 11,000+ coaches and leaders called "Great Teams Better Leaders 123."

MSHSL Direction and Updates (10:30 Only Session)

Erich Martens, Minnesota State High School League

The MSHSL has over 500 high schools and serves well over 100,000 students across the state. Attendees will encounter the newest information from the Minnesota State High School League about the current state of MSHSL Activities and Athletics as well as the work ahead. Primary topics will include working with students in our activities and athletics, implementation of new programs and opportunities, financial updates and focus areas for the year ahead.  Information and discussions from the Principal’s Advisory Committee will also be shared. Interaction with attendees is a priority of this session and question and answer is always a priority for those in attendance. Please attend ready to discuss, provide feedback and share your questions.


Ally Gritti, Reading Specialist - St. Michael-Albertville Middle School East

During the 2023 legislative session, a historic investment was made to improve literacy outcomes in Minnesota.  The Read Act seeks to have every child reading at or above grade level every year, beginning in kindergarten and to close opportunity gaps for BIPOC students, students with disabilities, and multi-lingual learners.  This session will (1) identify key requirements of the Read Act and (2) describe how school systems and structures impact the successful implementation of curriculum and pedagogy.

Retaining Early-Career CTE Teachers from All Licensure Pathways

Dr. Lavyne Rada, Associate Director of Recruitment & Retention - Lakes Country Service Cooperative

Dr. Zane Sheehan, Associate Director of Initial Licensure - Lakes Country Service Cooperative

Troy Haugen, Director of Career & College Readiness - Lakes Country Service Cooperative

The Career and Technical Educators Teacher Induction Program (CTE TIP) supports early-career teachers regardless of their license pathway. CTE TIP has retained 97% of CTE participants so far by serving as a professional learning community for early career CTE teachers to promote their development, efficacy, success, and resilience resulting in retention. The CTE TIP helps teachers in their early years through a comprehensive cooperation with Minnesota ACTE, a service cooperative, and the Department of Education. Successful teachers are lifelong learners, and CTE TIP helps new teachers start this journey. Program participants have two face-to-face meetings in the fall and spring and monthly virtual meetings. Experienced teachers coach participants in cohorts based on their licensure content area.

Why Do We Fight?

Sasha Kuznetsov, Principal - Hidden Oaks Middle School, Prior Lake

This session is not about changing people and the difficult situations often presented to us. It is, instead, a way to give us the capacity to create more peaceful interactions. It is an invitation to pause, reflect and connect on a more conscious level. It is an invitation to move away from a previous reactive mode when presented with conflict and into a more satisfying resolution mode.

Tuesday, June 25

1:30 - 2:20 pm & 2:30 - 3:20 pm

Are You Ready to be a Superintendent?

Deb Henton, Executive Director - MN Association of School Administrators (MASA)

Lori Zimmerman, Director of Professional Learning - MN Association of School Administrators (MASA)

Have you ever thought about becoming a superintendent? Do you wonder if it would be a good "fit" for your skills and experiences? Do you love being a building leader? Have you considered the impact you could have on an entire district as a superintendent? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then this session is for you! Join leaders from the Minnesota Association of School Administrators to hear more about the path to the superintendency and support offered to you along the way. Minnesota's districts need GREAT superintendents - are you one of them?!

Boosting School Climate and Culture

Heidi Critchley, Principal - St. Francis Middle School

Nick Jacobs, Assistant Principal - St. Francis Middle School

Todd Bergeson, Assistant Principal - St. Francis Middle School

St. Francis Middle School strives to develop and foster programs that improve the overall climate and culture. Through intentional and planned programming, activities, and shared leadership structure, SFMS has improved school climate and culture programs/practices including the middle school model, leadership teams, professional development, monthly staff celebrations, PBIS, Restorative Practice (RP), and SEL. Finally, we will highlight SEL and how CASEL’s 3 Signature Practices have been instrumental during staff meetings at both the school and district-wide level.

Classroom Practices for Racial Equity: How to Get There

Dr. Emily Lilja Palmer, Principal - Washburn High School

Improving outcomes for students of color requires looking hard at how our school structures might be holding students back, and how they could change to better meet our students’ needs. This presentation will share some tools and strategies for leading this work that you can adapt to your context. 

Creating a Positive School Culture for the Adults

Curt Slater, Speaker/Coach/Trainer - TILL360

Every leader deals with adults, students, and families struggling with social/emotional/behavioral/mental health in their building. In this session, we will discuss strategies and practices they can implement to support the adults in this process. We can not expect adults to help the students if they are not in a positive, nurturing, and predictable environment. We must build a robust Tier 1 platform to keep all the adults in the organization.

CTE 101 – Nuts and Bolts of Career and Technical Education Programming

Michelle Kamenov, Supervisor - Career and Technical Education

Shelli Sowles, Coordinator - Career and Technical Education

Join us for an engaging introduction to Career and Technical Education (CTE) workshop.  Session will provide information on the essential elements of CTE programming including program approval, Perkins V legislation, programs of study, advisory committees, data and revenue reporting, and resources to support programs. 

Fostering Inclusivity and Connection: Insights from Student Activity Advisors

Student Activity Advisors

Join us for a session of inspiration and collaboration with a diverse panel of Student Activity Advisors from across the state. In this workshop, we'll explore the crucial role of advisors in cultivating a culture of inclusivity and kindness within school communities, while also fostering meaningful connections between students and staff.

Our panelists will offer firsthand accounts of their roles as advisors, sharing their perspectives of how they've championed  a variety of initiatives in their respective schools. From creative activities to innovative programs, they will speak  of practical strategies that have successfully connected students and staff, enriching the school experience. Advisors will discuss the multifaceted aspects of advising, offering insights on how Principals can effectively collaborate with student activity groups to drive impactful initiatives and foster positive change within their schools. Gain valuable perspectives on nurturing authentic student-advisor partnerships and leveraging student voices to shape the future of school governance.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage directly with our panelists, posing questions and exchanging ideas. If you are an administrator seeking fresh perspectives, this workshop promises to equip you with actionable insights to create a more inclusive and connected school environment.

Join us as we celebrate the power of collaboration, kindness, and student leadership in shaping a brighter future for all members of our school communities. Together, let's sow the seeds of positivity and cultivate a culture where every voice is heard and valued.

From Staff, to Stages: Is Your Audience with You?

Mike Schmidt, Speaker

Mike Schmidt’s an accomplished leader regarding culture and staff retention. A retired educator, coach, administrator, now keynote and concert emcee, he’s worked with and for organizations of all sizes and backgrounds. Nominated the 2022 Western Division Principal of the Year and now leads some of Minnesota’s biggest concert stages. Mike’s known for his story-telling, participant impact and results. Recently, he was named the 2024 Most Valuable Speaker at Speaker Camp by The Purpose Company.

Teacher Self-Efficacy and Professional Learning Networks: Potential Cures for Teacher Burnout

Dr. Hannah Frink, Student Success Coordinator - Perham-Dent Public Schools

Teacher burnout is an epidemic that has taken academia by storm. Fortunately, there is a cure to this phenomenon beyond that of leaving the classroom. This session will review the dimensions and contributing factors of burnout and discuss the influence you have as a building administrator.


Wednesday Concurrent Session Descriptions

Wednesday, June 26

10:30 - 11:20 am & 11:30 am - 12:20 pm

The Middle Level Experience - 10:30 am - 12:20 pm

  • Meet our Middle Level Members
  • Building Student Leadership: Peer Mentors and Student Voice
  • NED and Restorative Practices
  • Absenteeism: Present but not Attending Class; or, Leaving Class Early
  • Scheduling: Advisory & MTSS

Building MTSS in Secondary Schools

Courtney Henderson, School Advocate - Western Lakes Regional Center of Excellence - Lakes Country Service Cooperative

Todd Van Erp, Principal Leadership Support - Western Lakes Regional Center of Excellence - Lakes Country Service Cooperative

What is MnMTSS and how could that look in a secondary setting? We all know that no two schools look alike or have the same resources. In this session we will share a brief MnMTSS overview and then dive right into the five components of the MnMTSS framework, sharing challenges and possible solutions for each,as well as offering time for networking and sharing with colleagues. We will leave you with resources to further support your journey and examples of other Minnesota School MTSS Handbooks.

Cloquet Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Program

Steve Battaglia, Principal - Cloquet High School

Tim Prosen, Assistant Principal - Cloquet High School

The Minnesota Commercial Driver’s License ELDT (Entry Level Driver’s Training) Class A Theory Training class is to prepare students for entry into the trucking and logistics industry. This year long course will consist of classroom instruction, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, field trips, and guest speakers. This course meets the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Entry Level Driver Training Standards.

Demystifying Teacher Licensure 101

Troy Haugen, Director of Career & College Readiness - Lakes Country Service Cooperative

Join Lakes Country Service Cooperative staff for a comprehensive presentation on Demystifying Teacher Licensure 101. This session focuses on Minnesota's tiered licensure system, providing in-depth insights into licensure policy and pathways to licensure. Gain a thorough understanding of the requirements, pathways, and nuances within the policies, designed to support educators at every career stage. Whether you're seeking clarity on licensure policy or guidance on supporting your staff, this presentation offers essential information to enhance your administrative role.

From Bell to Byte: Enhancing Online Programming for Student Success

Jessica Cabeen, Principal - Austin Online Academy

Matt Schmit, Principal - Austin High School

As the educational landscape evolves post-COVID, more students are seeking alternative learning options beyond traditional brick-and-mortar schooling. In this session Matt and Jessica will share key considerations for a successful partnership. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies for developing and enhancing online course offerings tailored to the needs of your secondary students. Topics covered will include coordinating resources, establishing guidelines for online course entry and completion, effective family communication strategies, and forging partnerships within the community to enrich online learning experiences. Bring your questions and leave equipped with actionable ideas to meet the evolving needs of your students in the digital age.

How to Lead Successful and Sustainable School Change

Dr. Cindi Patten, School Advocate - Southwest West Central Service Cooperative

Are you contemplating a change in programming, initiatives or process for the 2024-2025 school year? Would you like to increase the chances of successful implementation and improvement? This session will present research from a 2024 dissertation titled “Minnesota Public School Principal Practices that Support School Change and the Barriers that Impede Improvement Efforts”, and include relevant research, and study findings and conclusions. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their own leadership practices and will receive resources that support the implementation of successful and sustainable school change.

Minnesota School Boards Association – Latest Policies

Terry Morrow, MSBA Director of Legal and Policy Services

This presentation will focus upon the MSBA Model Student Handbook, using the handbook as a springboard for discussing key issues facing Minnesota school administrators. Emerging issues will be covered, including AI and overdose medication. In addition, we will talk about policies and handbook provisions undergoing change, including cell phone rules, dress codes, and more.

Shifting to a Digital Wellbeing School Culture

Dr. Al Johnson, Principal - Two Rivers High School

Katherine Myers, Executive Director - LiveMore ScreenLess

Keith Jacobus, Retired Superintendent - LiveMore ScreenLess Board Member

This workshop will share the partnership between Two Rivers High School and LiveMore ScreenLess to begin shifting their school culture toward Digital Wellbeing. The process started by listening to students and educators! We will present data that put us on the path toward a Digital Wellbeing shift. We will also share how students are leading Digital Wellbeing efforts and energizing their peers. You will feel inspired to bring resources and tools back to your community.


Concurrent Session Materials

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Attendee List

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MASSP Conference Presenters

Dr. Tim Anderson has served as building principal for seven years and was executive director for eight years prior. A former social studies teacher, he works to find practical ways to translate the research into action for leaders and programs. He received his doctorate in educational administration from the University of MN, has two kids and a wife who teaches at St. Catherine's University. He likes sports, exercise and green tea.

Dr. Marcus Belin serves as the Principal of Huntley High School, National Association of Secondary School Principals Board Member, and Immediate Past President of the Illinois Principals Association. Recently Dr. Belin was awarded the 2021 National Association of Secondary School Principals Digital Principal of the Year and was named an ASCD International Emerging Leader.

Nancy Bonnifield has been walking the halls of Kimball Area High School for 24 years, but only five as Principal. Before serving as Principal, she was a business teacher. This is her first time at the Summer Conference.

Tony Boos, Blaine High School's Behavior Intervention Co-Lead, strives to instill in students the key qualities of resilience, responsibility, and integrity for success while nurturing Bengal pride. He is incredibly focused on building a Behavior Intervention program that can be implemented throughout the district.

Brian Boothe has been an Assistant Principal at East Ridge High School since 2019. Prior to his time at ERHS, he was a social studies teacher in rural Minnesota and Las Vegas, Nevada, and he served as the Director of Professional Development and Accountability for the South Washington County School District.

Leah Bourg is Principal of South St. Paul Middle School, where she started in July 2020. She has been a secondary teacher in the metro since 2002. She is passionate about helping students and staff reach their goals. Leah and her family live in West St. Paul.

Michael Bruckmueller is a teaching artist with 25+ years of experience in theatrical improvisation. He is the Director of Education at CSz Twin Cities and does freelance coaching and instruction. Bruckmueller is a co-founder of MNprov and provides applied improvisation workshops focused on strengthening students' social, emotional, and communication skills.

Daniel Dixon is Director of Member Communication and Outreach at Teachers Retirement Association. With seven years of state service experience, he loves to serve educators’ needs and assist them in understanding their pension benefits.

Steve Drewlo has dedicated 30 years of service to Blaine High School, driven by a mission to enhance the school climate for both staff and students. With an eye to the future, he works tirelessly to leave a positive legacy that will benefit countless generations to come.

Tim Feine is currently the Principal of Andover High School. He earned his Bachelor's Degree at the University of St. Thomas in Health Education and his Master's Degree and K-12 Administrative Licensure at St. Mary's University. This is his 26th year as an educator in the Anoka-Hennepin School District.

Jon Flaa is an Assistant Principal at Duluth East and has been in this AP role for 11 years. Prior to this he was a special education teacher and social studies teacher in the district.

Andrew Frosch taught social studies at Anoka High School and is now an assistant principal at Coon Rapids High School.

Scott Gengler has been a high school principal for the past 22-years serving schools ranging from 500 to 3700 students. For the past 9-years, he has been the principal at Wayzata High School. Scott has been in education for 29-years working in private, rural and suburban high schools. He believes that cultivating a positive school culture and improving the experience for students, staff and families is a principal's ultimate responsibility.

Jim Gillach taught American History for 13 years before becoming a Dean of Students for 6 years at the same school – Chisago Lakes Middle School. He was the Teacher of the Year in 1999 and was the Minnesota History Day Teacher of the Year in 2000. Jim spent 4 years as an AP at Oak-Land Junior High in Stillwater, 1 year in Forest Lake as a Jr. High AP and came back to Chisago Lakes in 2016 as an AP once again at CLMS. He has been here in Chisago Lakes as an AP at the Middle School ever since.

Jason Gonnion has been an Assistant Principal and School Emergency Response Team lead at East Ridge HS since 2017. Prior to this assignment, he was an Activities Director at Woodbury HS for 6 years and a Dean of Students at Forest Lake HS for 3 years.

Janet Hennies is a mother, personally impacted by suicide, and an advocate for teens struggling with mental health. She has turned the tragic experience of suicide into a mission of educating teens that help is available.

Deb Henton serves as the Executive Director of MASA. Coming from the social studies classroom and serving in roles that include assistant principal, principal, chief of staff and superintendent, she is dedicated to ensuring Minnesota's students and districts have the best in leadership that is representative of our communities and committed to meeting each student where they are and making sure they have the skills needed for whatever they choose to do next.

Dr. Albert Johnson is currently the principal at Two Rivers High School in Mendota Heights, MN. Dr. Johnson started his career in sales, but realized he had a passion for education. Johnson served seven years in the St. Cloud school district in various roles, including principal at McKinley and Apollo High School and director of equity services. He also spent two years as the site administrator at Humboldt High School in West St. Paul. Johnson also served five years as an equity integration specialist in Hopkins, MN Dr Johnson has a bachelor's and master's degree from Northwestern University of St. Paul and holds a doctorate in education from Bethel University.

Kelly Kautz is a national board-certified special education teacher with 25+ years of experience. She is a MNprov co-founder and provides professional development for educators and service providers to allow them to use applied improvisation strategies to support their students' social, emotional and communication growth.

Erich Martens is in his third year as the Executive Director of the Minnesota State High School League. He has served as high school principal in Sauk Centre and in Sauk Rapids-Rice. In 2013, he was selected as the Minnesota High School Principal of the Year. He has served on numerous committees including the NASSP Committee on School Contests, Programs and Activities, Region 8AA Committee and was the MASSP Central Division President. He served on the Board of Directors for the MSHSL from 2012 to 2016 and was the Board President in 2015-2016. He also served on MASSP’s Board of Directors and has been a presenter at numerous previous MASSP conferences.

Terry Morrow is the Policy and Legal Services Director for the Minnesota School Boards Association and a Nicollet County Commissioner. He is a former member and chair of the St. Peter School Board and the Minnesota Valley Education District. Morrow served in the Minnesota House of Representatives for three terms, serving on the K-12 Education, Higher Education, Agriculture, Transportation, and other committees. At Gustavus Adolphus College, Terry taught communication studies for 18 years. For three years, Morrow was the Legislative Director and Legal Counsel for the Uniform Law Commission.

Aaron Nelson is the High School Principal at Pequot Lakes High School.

Josh Omang is the Principal at Detroit Lakes High School. He has had several roles in education over the past 20 years in both large suburban schools and now back home in Detroit Lakes. DLHS has completed their 2nd year of implementation with the BARR program.

Anthony Padrnos is an innovative educator pushing the boundaries for how technology can redefine education. He has been in public education for over 15 years as a teacher, digital learning coach, and administrator. Anthony is currently serving as the Executive Director of Technology for Osseo Area Schools.

Kyle Rock is an Assistant Principals at Duluth East. Kyle is in his 5th year as an AP at East. Prior to this he was the Dean at East and has worked as a special education teacher in the district.

John Pena is the Principal at Coon Rapids HS; Deb Geiger is a former English teacher, AVID Coordinator and now Media Specialist and PD Coordinator at Coon Rapids HS; Jon Young is a former special education teacher and now Achievement Coach at Coon Rapids HS

Tim Rohweder has been the Principal at Proctor high school for 11 years and has served the MASSP as a Northeast Division representative on the MSHSL Principal Advisory Committee for 4 years and currently serves as the secretary for the Northeast Division. Tim has worked as an advocate for CTE programming and funding and has developed numerous community partners to bring a Pathways culture to his school.

Kari Ross works with school, district, and regional leaders to increase leadership capacity and change predictable academic outcomes for marginalized learners. She is an educational leader and Principal Leadership Support team member working with schools and districts to create learning environments where students thrive.

Suzan Samaha – Minnesota Department of Education, EDI Center Assistant Director – Safe and Supportive Schools Supervisor.

Joe Schmit is an award-winning broadcaster, community leader, author and popular keynote speaker. As a sports broadcaster he has covered every major sporting event in the past 4 decades and has interviewed many of the biggest names in sports. He joined KSTP-TV in 1985 and has won 18 Emmys from the National Television Academy. In 2020, Joe was awarded The Silver Circle designation by the Upper Midwest Chapter of the Emmys for extraordinary contributions to the broadcasting industry. He was honored with a National Headliner Award in 2001. Joe is also an author of two books: “Silent Impact” and “The Impact Blueprint.”

Danette Seboe is the Principal at Duluth East High School. With 12 years in principal roles, 7 of them at East, and a background in School Counseling, she has experience in both small and large school settings.

Tyler Shepard has been an Associate Principal at Wayzata High School since 2016. Prior to that, he was a Dean of Students and a Computer/IT teacher. Tyler grew up in Onalaska, WI. He attended Winona State University (BS), Minnesota School of Business (MS), and U of MN (Principal Licensure).

Alex Simmons is a former Dean of Culture at a high school in Boston, MA. He returned back home to MN in 2017, at which time he joined Yondr to help make schools phone free. He lives in St. Paul with his wife and 16 month old daughter.

Greg Sowden is an Associate Principal at Wayzata High School. He is in his fourteenth year in education and sixth as an administrator. Greg began his career teaching English and coaching multiple sports. He believes in the value of positive relationships in helping students and staff reach their goals.

Tina Tamura is currently an Assistant Principal at Andover High School. She earned her Bachelor's Degree at the College of Saint Benedict and her Master's Degree in Literacy at Bethel University. She also earned her K-12 Administrative Licensure at Minnesota State University - Mankato. This is her 17th year as an educator in the Anoka-Hennepin School District.

Officer Brian Theisen has served with the Stearns County Sheriff's Department for 22 years. His roles have included patrol deputy, drug task force, SWAT team member, honor guard member, and now School Resource Officer.

Dick Ungar has more than 30 years of experience in public education, having most recently served as a high school principal, Dick is dedicated to helping teachers build meaningful relationships with their students.

Todd Van Erp has been a middle and high school Science teacher for 12 years, as well as a school administrator for 11 years before coming to the Western Lakes RCE. Todd is energized when he gets to support and coach principals and school leadership teams in all aspects of their work. His motto in his work is that "All we can do, is all we can do."

Lori Zimmerman serves as the Director of Professional Learning for MASA. Coming from the elementary classroom and serving in roles that include leadership in alternative and Setting IV programs, she is dedicated to providing quality professional learning opportunities for Minnesota's school leaders.

Special thank you to Southwest Division for hosting the 2024 Summer Conference.

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Welcome to the 2024 Summer Conference and Breezy Point Resort

We are pleased to present you with a program of outstanding professional topics and an opportunity for you to spend some quality time with friends and network with colleagues.